Officer Elections Results

At the April membership meeting, the next group of officers were elected. Please welcome your next group of leaders. Their term starts July 1st, 2015.

  • President – Devin Hunter
  • 1st VP – Shawn Husted
  • 2nd VP – Chris Collings
  • VP of Collective Bargaining – Dean Pfaender
  • VP of Political Action – Beth Gustafson
  • VP of Communications – Leslie Hatcher
  • VP of Membership – Sandy Kennemer
  • Secretary – Melody Hansen
  • Treasurer – Bethany Schaffner

Bylaw changes

We also have some proposed bylaws changes that we need a quorum to discuss. So please make sure to get to the next meeting on time so we can discuss them. You can find the details of the changes here:


We hope to see you there!

Hillsboro Classified United is a Union of non-instructional (Classified) staff that work for the Hillsboro School District. We are a collection of office workers, bus drivers, maintenance workers, and educational assistants. On this site you will be able to find:

  • Governing Documents
  • Newsletters
  • Calendar of Upcoming Events
  • Press Releases
  • Officer Information

As a union, our primary goal is to enforce the terms of the collective bargaining agreement that our employer and the workers have agreed to follow. This gives both management and workers a set of guidelines regarding salary, working conditions, leave time, and health benefits. We are here to protect our rights and be a collective voice to advocate together on our behalf.

If you want to learn more about the Union, head over to the About page and contact the HCU office. We’re all coming together to make the Hillsboro School District a great place to work


If you are called to be in a meeting that you believe is disciplinary or may lead to discipline, you have the right to have a Union representative in that meeting with you.

If you work for the Hillsboro School District and find yourself in this situation, contact the HCU office to obtain representation.