Labor Management Meeting for November 2016

Your collective bargaining agreement calls for representatives from your Union to meet regularly with HSD management to discuss workplace issues. These have been going on for years now, but the latest contact allows us to now publish a summary of what was discussed. We want staff to be informed and this is yet another great way to do it.

Full Report: 2016-11-17-Labor Management Notes(PDF)

Topics Discussed:

  • Article 17 minor word change
  • Bumping Chart Review
  • Bargaining Unit Roster Staff Missing
  • Staff Device Use Guidelines (from previous month)
  • Officers requesting information about themselves
  • Visitations to Schools
  • Transportation Technical Support Structure
  • Union representatives signing investigatory documents and receiving copies
  • Safe school training done by union representative
  • Radio policy for SEA staff at South Meadows
  • Concerns on how ORES is handling the end of break periods
  • Content of the reclassification review committee denial letter

If you have concerns that need to be brought up with District Management, contact