HCU Endorses 2017 Hillsboro School Bond

The Hillsboro School district has voted to place a $408 million general construction bond on the 2017 November ballot. This bond will cover repairs and improvements in every school in the district. It also will build new schools to support the expected growth in the region. Since it will probably be one of the only things on the ballot, we expect low turnout so every vote counts.

To help support passage of this bond, the Hillsboro Classified United Executive Board endorsed this campaign. This support comes with gathering endorsements, participating in educational canvasing, and getting out the vote. If you want to officially endorse this bond as a citizen in the community, you can. The PAC is accepting endorsements from everyone to use on their website and the voters guide. It’s an easy process:

  1. Print out the ‘JCVP-02’ form
  2. Fill out Option 1 with your name and signature
  3. Take a picture of the form with your phone and send it to Lexie, the campaign organizer.
  4. Send the paper copy to the HCU office and Devin will get it to the Yes For Hillsboro Schools PAC.

That’s it. If you want to get involved through volunteering or donating money. Head over to the PAC’s website at: http://yesforhillsboroschools.org/

Hillsboro Schools Bond Endorsement FAQ