Hillsboro Classified United is a union of non-instructional staff who work for the Hillsboro School District. We’re educational aids, secretaries, bus drivers, janitorial, maintenance, and office staff. A student will often see a half dozen classified staff each day before they even reach their classroom.

2017-2019 Executive Officers

Hillsboro Classified United is governed by an executive board. These are elected positions that are filled by members of the Union for a term of two years.

Devin Hunter President President@hcu4671.org
Dean Pfaender 1st Vice-President 1stVP@hcu4671.org
John Frank 2nd Vice-President 2ndVP@hcu4671.org
Bethany Schaffner Secretary Secretary@hcu4671.org
Tammy Baker-Siemon Treasurer Treasurer@hcu4671.org
Melody Hansen VP of Bargaining Bargaining@hcu4671.org
David Lopez VP of Communications Communications@hcu4671.org
Sandy Kennemer VP of Membership Membership@hcu4671.org
Chris Collings VP of Political Action Action@hcu4671.org

Office Location

245 Se 4th Ave Suite A
Hillsboro, OR 97123-4033
Phone: (503)681-2111