Get Involved

If you want to actively participate in your union, there are number of things that you can do.

Join the Union

When you are hired by the Hillsboro School District, you are automatically designated as an Agency-Fee payer. This means you have union dues deducted from your paycheck to support the enforcement of the Collective Bargaining Agreement but you are not a member of the union. To become a member, all you have to do is sign a membership form and send it to the HCU Office. It takes five minutes and empowers you to have a direct impact on the future of our Union.

Come to a Membership Meetings

Meetings are where the most important work of the union is done. Getting the members to approve policies, ratify the contract, elect officers, and amend the constitution is only some of the work that is done at a meeting. The Board also asks for feedback from members and distribute information at these meetings. If you want to express your right to a voice, come to a meeting.

Become a Work Site Leader

Work Site Leaders (WSLs) are the front line fighters for workers rights. They are the main contact for building issues and are available to assist bargaining unit members. If you choose to become a WSL, you will receive training on how to use the contract, how to connect workers with resources, and how to represent workers who need help.

If you are interested in becoming a WSL, e-mail our Chief Steward at:

Join the Action Team

If you don’t want to become a Work Site Leader, but still want to volunteer to help, you can join the Action Team. This group participates in organizing events that range from updating the union builtin board, to attending training, to showing up at events. The action team demonstrates our dedication to fair wages and a strong contract.

If you are interested in joining the team subscribe to the Action Team Google Group

[Note] You will need a Non-Work Google account in order to join.

Join a Committee

There are a number of committees that perform work on behalf of the HCU board. These committees are a great way to have an impact on the direction of the Union since committees make recommendations to the board for action. If you want to join a committee e-mail

  • Finance Committee – Develop the annual budget. Provide recommendations for new financial policies.
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee – Review and prepare amendments to the Constitution.
  • Bargaining Committee – Meet with HSD management team to bargain a new contract. This happens every few years.
  • Communications Committee – Assist the VP of Communications in publishing news to the members.
  • Education and Training Committee – Organize training events for members to attend.
  • Membership Services Committee – Assist the VP of Membership with connecting members to benefits.
  • Committee on Political Education – Provide education resources for local candidates and ballot measures to ensure that members are educated voters.
  • Voting Committee – Manage voting policies and perform elections.

Run to Become an Officer

HCU Officers are the elected leadership of the Union. They organize projects and lead the actions of the Union as a whole. If you want to have the greatest impact on the direction of the union, become an Officer and help us get stuff done. E-mail if you want more information on how officer elections work.

Be a Delegate to AFT-Oregon Convention

Each year, AFT-Oregon holds a convention to determine the direction of the state federation. This is how members direct AFT-Oregon staff on what causes to work on and what our values are. If you are interested in attending this weekend event, e-mail to find out more.

Join the Membership Mailing List

When there are things that the board want to notify the members about, they will use a Google Group to send out the information. If you want to receive these e-mails, you can join the group by subscribing to the Union Members Google Group.


HCU Expense Report – If you do work on behalf of the Union, you can get most expenses reimbursed. Contact an HCU Officer to find out how this works.

Classified Leave Request – If you are planning to work on a project (authorized by the Union President) during your regularly scheduled hours, you need to turn in a Classified Leave Form. In the “Type of Leave” section, select “other” and write in “Union Release”. Send the form to HR so they can determine if there is an available sub to perform your work at that time. If there is a sub available , the classified contract directs management to approve it.