Union Boards

Upcoming Events

(Last Update:02/20/2018)

At the start of the school year, the HCU Executive Council builds the calendar for the next year. These are the major events that will happen each year. Keep an eye on the HCU Calendar because we post additional events as they come up. It’s generally a good idea to highlight upcoming events and cross out those that have passed.


(Last Update:02/20/2018)

As events happen, we send out regular newsletters to the bargaining unit. They are normally a few pages long and should be posted in the center area. You can simply tack the whole stack to the board. If you want to get fancy, pin each page separately so people can see that there are multiple pages.

What’s a Union

(Last Update:11/21/2016)

This section holds educational information about our union. This is to help people understand how our union works and where they fit into the organization.


(Last Update:02/20/2018)

This section holds information that union members may find useful. This is something we get from AFT so contact our VP of Membership if you need another one.

Join the Union

(Last Update:11/20/2016)

If a classified employee wants to become a union member, they just need to fill out the application form and send it to the HCU office. If you run out of forms, contact our VP of Membership to get more sent to you via interoffice mail.

Work Site Leader list (Need help?)

(Last Update:9/14/2017)

When you become a work site leader, you can make yourself known to your co-workers by putting you name on one of the lines. This lets people know that you are there to connect them with resources.

In The News

(Last Update:11/26/2017)

When something interesting happens in the news that relates to Classified folks, we’ll post it here. This is normally news from our affiliates.