Friends and Affiliates

In order to have a greater impact on our communities, HCU affiliates with other organizations who promote pro-worker policies on our behalf.

American Federation of Teachers

aftshield-105x99  This national union has over 1.5 million members across the US and is mostly made up of workers in the education sector. They focus on improving national education policy and help to elect pro-education candidates to serve in the capitol. As a member affiliate, we gain access to the AFT+ Network of benefits. These range from discounts, free consultations, and scholarships.

AFT – Oregon

aftshield-105x99  This is the state federation of AFT National. It represents 12,000 Oregon workers in K-12, community college, and higher education. Members range from teaching faculty, graduate students, classified staff, and child care workers in both the public and private sectors. AFT-Oregon provides guidance on contract language, navigating labor laws, organizational structures, and training programs. The executive council is voted into office by all member locals at the state convention for a term of two years. Most of our political efforts occur through this organization.

Oregon AFL-CIO

AFL-CIO-105x54  This organization is a collection of unions from different sectors of the economy. Teachers join with Building Trades, Public Sector Service Providers, and Manufacturing Workers to improve state wide labor policies. They work on a wide range of issues from safety, health, poverty, and equality.

Northwest Oregon Labor Council

This is an child group that organizes under the AFL-CIO. This is where labor from different sectors meet to discuss labor problems and find support for their issues. Our 2nd VP attends the monthly meetings and reports back any important issues that are happening in our area.


HCU also works in cooperation with other groups and organizations on pro-labor projects.

Hillsboro Education Association

HEAlogo-105x61  This is the Union for Teaching staff in HSD. These are the instructors that classified support every day. We work together with this Union to fight for a better contract and to address shared concerns at our schools.