Governing Documents

HCU has a number of core documents that members should read and understand. These documents guide our organization and our relationship with management.

HCU Constitution and Bylaws

This is the foundational document for the union. This is what governs the operational structure of the group. It can be amended by the membership through the constitution and bylaws committee. If we need to change how HCU operates, this is the first place to start.

HCU Board Policies

The HCU Executive Board adopts polices to govern daily operations. They are reviewed by the board annually and revised throughout the year as needed.

Classified/Management Agreement

HCU and HSD jointly created this document through the bargaining process. This is what governs issues related to classified employees. This includes things like wages, benefits, sick leave, vacation, discipline, and how vacancies are filled. HCU and HSD teams work to revise and make changes to this document.

2013-15 Classified Wages and Benefits

In 2013, the bargaining team met with HSD management and was able to negotiate step increases. This shows the new salary step schedule for the 2013-2015 school years.

2014-Union Dues Explanation

The HCU board has created a document that explains how the Union Dues are calculated. This included how we determine the rates for AFT National, AFT Oregon, the AFL-CIO, and NW Labor Council. If you have questions about these rates, please contact the HCU Office.