Sick Leave Donations

If you are donating a sick day to another member, fill out and return the following form:

You can only donate a single sick day per year.

If you are in need of sick leave, start by reading the Sick Leave Donation Guidelines. Here are some of the criteria to qualify for sick leave donations:

  1. Applicant has used all of their individual sick time and vacation time.
  2. Applicant does not have any accrued comp time.
  3. A physician can provide an explanation of the applicants situation.

If you meet all of the requirements stated in the guideline, fill out the Sick Leave Donation Request Form and send to the Member stated at the bottom of the document. The Union will ask the membership to donate days to fill your need. If a member decides to donate a day, they will fill out the Sick Leave Donation Form.

You can download a PDF of all the forms below,